TIPA TINNITUS TREATMENT - A New Concept in the Management of Tinnitus

The TIPA sound signal has been developed to produce prolonged residual inhibition which is the absence or reduction of tinnitus after the sound signal finishes.The TIPA signal plays for 12 minutes. The reduction in tinnitus after a single exposure can last more than 24 hours. Continued use of TIPA has produced long term reduction of tinnitus.

See the MEG STUDY page for objective evidence of tinnitus and residual inhibition presented at the Tinnitus Research Initiative Conference in Buffalo, New York in August 2011.

Clinical and laboratory research with TIPA has continued during 2013. 

See the Clinical Trial 2014 page on this website

TIPA is a registered  trademark and has international patents.
Australian Patent No. 2007 343 585

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